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TXP2 for DF2
Author: Q-dad :: Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 1:18 am
There's a rumor going that the TXP crew yet again has decided to finish and release TXP2...

Will tell more when/if the rumor has been confirmed...

DF2 lobby not working, my LAST TRY!
Author: Q-dad :: Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:50 am
My latest PM to Wupass, a moderator over at NovaWorld...:

Hi, yet again...

Could you please beg the Novalogic crew to post a public statement about when the Delta Force 2 lobby will be fixed...?

It has been broken for more than a year now, i.e. since September 23rd 2010, and no matter how high priority Angel Falls has got, they should at least be able to tell some of their most faithful players SOMETHING regarding this issue. Their absolute silence is nothing more than a huge disrespect towards the gamers of the DF2 community...!

Btw - I'm not the only one being upset about this, but maybe I'm the only one nagging them (and you) about it, time after time...

They're still selling DF2 on their web site, but they're not telling buyers about the state of the DF2 lobby, and that they've got to find and install 3rd party tools in order to be able to play DF2 online... How sad is that...?

Why won't they reply to our questions about this...? I've tried Twitter and e-mail, but no replies are being made...

Their absolute silence about this issue will not make me and other DF gamers very encouraged about bying any new DF games they might bring out of their sleeves, for instance Angel Falls, even if many of us (me included) have bought all of them up till now...

All I've seen lately on novalogic.com and Twitter, is some concern about the newest games, as well as a LOT of different combinations of super sale offers for the previous game releases... NOTHING has been posted regarding the sorry state of the DF2 lobby...! Why can't that dude posting all of those super sale offers accept the challenge of spending 5 minutes composing a statement regarding the DF2 lobby and posting it for all of us to see...? How hard can it be...?

This is not meant as critique towards you, Wupass, but you've been the only one giving me some sort of feedback so far regarding this issue, so I'm trying again to use you as the middle man, since communicating directly with them through support@novalogic.com or their Twitter site has so far been a total disaster....

So please, if you could bring the message above to them, maybe someone will finally respond with something more than utter silence...


Q-dad (John)

TXP2 Development Diary - Special Edition #1
Author: Q-dad :: Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:33 pm
Unfortunately, the release of development diaries has come to a halt, at least for the time being. That doesn't mean nothing has been done regarding TXP2 since March 2010. Tomkat has been very productive in periods, and the most important discovery he has made, is how to add non-Novalogic 3d items to DF2. Smile

He's been improving the methods since that, and here's his latest and most impressive addition...:

The original building...:

Model transferred to DF2...:

YouTube video from DF2...:

More of Tomkat's videos here...:

TXP2 Development Diary - a new try
Author: Q-dad :: Posted: Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:28 am
The TXP2 Development Diary has been re-born and has been given its own forum, here...:


The intention is to submit a new article there each month, and the ones for January and February will be posted this weekend.

Updated TXP2 release date
Author: Q-dad :: Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:33 am
To those who have waited for TXP2 being released at October 31st, I'm sorry having to disappoint you and say that we have failed, yet again, to fulfill our promises. There simply wasn't enough time available for the development crew to make this happen on schedule. Lots of new stuff have been added so far, but still a lot of stuff remains to be completed before one could say that TXP2 is finished and ready for release.

The positive news is that we're still motivated to continue working on TXP2, even if the numbers of active DF2 players out there are decreasing day by day. Those who really loves this game will continue to do so, no matter if TXP2 gets released on a certain date or not. We'll be making no more promises about TXP2, other than that some happy day it WILL be released, and that day is...:

When it's finished...

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